Rendezvous in Cannes by Jennifer Bohnet

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Rendezvous in Cannes by Jennifer Bohnet

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Category: Women's Fiction
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Sue Magee
Reviewed by Sue Magee
Summary: A good story which has the feel of a work in progress. It's a pity as it could have been so much better.
Buy? No Borrow? Maybe
Pages: 224 Date: November 2010
Publisher: Robery Hale Ltd
ISBN: 978-0709091400

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It's the beginning of the Cannes Film Festival and for two women life is going to change completely in the coming weeks. Anna Carson has found the love that she thought would always elude her and can't quite believe her happiness. Daisy, here to cover the Festival as a journalist is coming to terms with being single. It's time for her to make some decisions, but what will she decide? The hurly-burly of the Festival is not the most peaceful time to make big decisions.

I first met Jennifer Bohnet in her debut novel Follow Your Star and I was impressed by the atmosphere – of the Amazon jungle and the South of France - which she brought to the book. There seemed to be more of a plot than was to be found in most chick-lit and I was excited to find out how she handled that 'difficult second book'. And I'm afraid that I was just a little bit disappointed.

The first problem wasn't really the author's fault, but the book had to feel of a work in progress. There were proof-reading errors and the heroine's name began as Carson and changed to Carsons as the book progressed. Just at the point where I should have been getting excited about how the story was going I found myself flicking back through the book to check that my memory wasn't playing tricks. It wasn't. It's an author's job to get the story out – but it's the proof-reader or copy editor's job to ensure that it can be read comfortably.

The plot was quite good. A couple of people came to the festival in the hope of meeting French film-maker Philippe Cambone only for him to die in America before the festival began. Mysteries of parentage abound – and it's the gossip of the festival. Will Daisy get her scoop – in fact, does she really want to – and will Leo get Anna to the altar? There's perhaps an over-reliance on coincidence, but it's still a good story.

I was less convinced by the characters. Right up to the end I was still having difficulty distinguishing Daisy from her sister, Poppy and Poppy's son Tom was supposed to be about six but conversed like a much older child. Some of the minor characters I never really did get to grips with, finally accepting them as 'people in the area'. All in all it's not a bad book, but it could have been better.

I'd like to thank the publishers for sending a copy to the Bookbag.

Do have a look at Jennifer Bohnet's first novel – I think you'll enjoy it.

Buy Rendezvous in Cannes by Jennifer Bohnet at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Rendezvous in Cannes by Jennifer Bohnet at

Buy Rendezvous in Cannes by Jennifer Bohnet at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Rendezvous in Cannes by Jennifer Bohnet at


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