Quick Quack Quentin by Kes Gray and Jim Field

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Quick Quack Quentin by Kes Gray and Jim Field

Category: For Sharing
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Anne Thompson
Reviewed by Anne Thompson
Summary: Witty, clever and hugely entertaining this wonderful picture book is a joy to read aloud and manages to make phonics fun too.
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Pages: 32 Date: February 2016
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-1444919561

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Quentin is a very downhearted duck because his quack is too quick. In fact all he can manage is a Quck. This will never do, so Quentin visits his local doctor to see if there is anything he can give him to make things better. Sadly, although the Doctor is swiftly able to diagnose Quentin's problem, he cannot provide what he needs. Quentin really needs an A so waddles off on search of one. On his journey he visits a succession of animals who, whilst being sympathetic to his plight and helpful in their own way, only manage to subtly change his problem rather than solve it. Therefore, poor Quentin's quest for the missing vowel continues.

I think that this is a brilliant book. The bold and bright illustrations are immediately eye catching and appealing, particularly for young children and the witty text is hilarious. Everyone I have tried this wonderful book out on from the age of five to seventy-five has enjoyed it. It is an absolute joy to read aloud and provided a happy story-time in the school library. The text and the illustrations work superbly together and as I read the book aloud the children joined in with poor Quentin's attempts to get his Quack right and there was a great deal of giggling at the results. They also became very involved in the journey and were predicting what animal may be able to solve Quentin's dilemma. As I turned the pages they would excitedly point at the clues in the illustrations.

This would be an excellent book for children who are just learning to read as it provides them with lots of opportunity to play with sounds and the words different sounds make together. As they listen or read together with an adult, whilst being entertained children will also be learning, but in an enjoyable and very natural way. The book would be an excellent purchase for the school library or classroom too.

There is so much detail in the illustrations that they definitely deserve a second look. I particularly liked the signposts indicating the number of waddles to each of Quentin's destinations. The expressions on the faces of the animals are priceless and Quentin's hat is a pretty accurate indicator of his mood. The dedications on the opening pages are well worth a read too and I love the way the running gag extends to the cover also. This is, I think, the third picture book by this duo and I do hope that they continue to produce books together as the partnership works so very well.

The children at school gave this book a rarely awarded 100 out of 10.

An absolute delight of a book so please go and grab one for your bookshelves as quickly as you can!

Bookbag also loved the first picture book by Kes Gray and Jim Field Oi Frog another funny story only this time about rhyme.

Booklists.jpg Quick Quack Quentin by Kes Gray and Jim Field is in the Top Ten Children's Picture Books 2016.
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