I Didn't Do It! (Little Princess) by Tony Ross

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I Didn't Do It! (Little Princess) by Tony Ross

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Category: For Sharing
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Jo Heffer
Reviewed by Jo Heffer
Summary: There are lots of things going wrong at the castle and everyone seems to be blaming the Little Princess. This is most unfair because, as she proclaims very loudly, she didn't do it! If she didn't though, who did? And will the culprit ever own up?
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Pages: 32 Date: August 2012
Publisher: Andersen
ISBN: 9781849394642

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There's mud all over the floor and the Queen blames the Little Princess. I didn't do it! the Little Princess responds with a very disgruntled look upon her face. A little later, the Cook tells her off for eating all the chocolate cake; the Gardener thinks that she has trampled all over the radishes; the Prime Minister claims that he has taken the bell from his bicycle and the Admiral blames her for sinking all his ships. To each accusation, the Little Princess replies:

I didn't do it!

and she runs off to find a sympathetic friend. She meets up with the Little Prince and together they make their way to what they call the sulky tree. When she complains about what has happened and the fact that no one believes her, she is pleased and surprised when he tells her that he does believe her. It's hardly surprising though because, this mischievous little character definitely knows for sure who did carry out all the naughty deeds!

This is another wonderfully entertaining book in the Little Princess series by Tony Ross. This delightful heroine never fails to entertain my daughters through both her actions and the way she looks. She is always depicted as a scruffy little girls with big boggly eyes who is, despite this unfavourable description, incredibly appealing. She is surrounded by all the familiar castle characters but we did like the introduction of the Little Prince, who also looks quite dirty and dishevelled. We couldn't quite decide whether he is going to be her latest partner in crime or provide a hint of romance for the Little Princess. Either way, we reckon that she has definitely met her match and we can only hope that he is going to feature in more books.

It's a very simple story but one that I am sure that many small children can relate to. Also, as a parent, it made me think about the number of times that I might have jumped to conclusions and blamed my daughters for things they have not done. The story certainly provoked a lot of discussion from my daughters about how unfairly the grown-ups were treating the Little Princess.

Yet again, Tony Ross has created another hilarious Little Princess story with a fun and familiar storyline and wonderful illustrations. It's a great read for children and their parents.

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Buy I Didn't Do It! (Little Princess) by Tony Ross at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy I Didn't Do It! (Little Princess) by Tony Ross at Amazon.co.uk

Buy I Didn't Do It! (Little Princess) by Tony Ross at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy I Didn't Do It! (Little Princess) by Tony Ross at Amazon.com.


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