Frisky Business by Clodagh Murphy

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Frisky Business by Clodagh Murphy

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Category: Women's Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Zoe Morris
Reviewed by Zoe Morris
Summary: Who's your daddy? That's what Romy wants to know as she looks at her baby, Luke. But is she ready for what she might find, if she goes looking, and how much do blood ties mean anyway?
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Pages: 464 Date: June 2012
Publisher: Hachette Books Ireland
ISBN: 978-1444726237

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Romy doesn’t have a clue who the father of her baby son, Luke, is. But it’s not like she’s an über-slut who sleeps around: in her defence his conception was a one off thing, it was dark (they were in a cupboard) and the baby daddy had on a Darth Vader mask (it was a Halloween party). That was a year ago, and now Romy’s wondering whether she should renew her efforts to find the mystery man, for Luke’s sake as much as anything. As the book starts she is throwing her own Halloween party, hoping to jog some memories as she recreates last year’s (not in every way of course…she’s far from ready for baby number 2).

Kit is a former flame, the one who got away and then moved away, to New York in fact. She’s not seen him since, but when he unexpectedly shows up at her party her old feelings for him come flooding back. With him keen to pick up where they left off, and even play happy families with Luke, maybe she doesn’t need to track down Darth Vader after all. But is Kit all he seems? Is he back in her life for a reason? And should she heed the warnings of his younger brother, the once troublesome but now, well, actually a bit hot, Ethan?

There are lots of mysteries in this book, beyond finding out who can legitimately say Luke, I am your father. There’s lots of confusing jumping to conclusions and lots of secrets to come out, but I didn’t feel there were that many surprises. I think there were supposed to be some gasp-out-loud moments, but somehow the clues dropped were a bit large and a bit blatant, so it was pretty obvious how it was going to end. Even towards the final pages I wondered whether there might be a big 180 still waiting to pop out and really shock me, but ultimately it ended in exactly the way I thought it would, such was the clarity of the hints early on.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it all, because it was a very funny read with some characters. The BDSM angle was quite unexpected, and at first I thought it might be trying to hitch its wagon to Fifty Shades’ star, but the way it plays out is quite different (and funny), though I have to say I’m supremely glad May is not my upstairs neighbour.

This is an easy book to read though I felt it didn’t need to be quite so long. It’s Irish but not too Irish (just a few uses of “Will I…?” that you don’t tend to get over this way) and brimming with a very likable cast of characters. You could certainly do worse.

Thanks go to the publishers for supplying this book.

We enjoyed the author's earlier work Girl in a Spin whereas if you prefer your BDSM with a little less conversation, a little more action, you need to look at Fifty Shades Of Grey by EL James if you've not already done so.

Buy Frisky Business by Clodagh Murphy at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Frisky Business by Clodagh Murphy at

Buy Frisky Business by Clodagh Murphy at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Frisky Business by Clodagh Murphy at


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