Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

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Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

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Category: Fantasy
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Olivia Tierney
Reviewed by Olivia Tierney
Summary: Intricately detailed world building and a carefully woven plot make Foundryside THE fantasy book of the summer, perhaps even of the year. Intelligent writing and exciting turns make Bennett's novel one to not put down until you've read the last page. Magic, politics, business, family, dangerous missions and the truth behind brutal pasts fill every chapter. Pick this book up and prepare to be dazzled.
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Pages: 512 Date: August 2018
Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-1786487865

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But if you open the box – if you free what is within – then you'll open a new chapter in this war

Sancia Grado is just about to pull off the biggest heist of her fugitive life for more money than she has ever seen before in all her gruelling years on Tevanne's streets. The job: steal a small wooden box from a safe deep inside the Waterwatch-patrolled harbour and deliver it untouched to the client. Fearless and quick, she is the best thief Foundryside has to offer and has never interfered with jobs before. Yet once she has the box in her possession, she can't shake the uneasy apprehensive feeling of what lies within. For Sancia is no ordinary thief, with the magical ability to scrive and understand everything she touches she's about to discover a secret that will sent her fleeing for her life, unearthing myths that are it transpires more truth than fairy-tale. Working against the clock, Sancia will work to save her world and prevent a descent into destruction.

The most exquisite element of Foundryside is undoubtedly Bennett's world building – throughout the novel he portrays the divide and flaws in Tevanne society vividly and masterfully yet clearly explains the discovery of a language capable of advancing technology enough for humans to defy the very laws of nature. A fascinating idea and very well incorporated in each and every chapter of the novel.

Bennett's writing and story construction is also near perfection. The action scenes are full of detail and suspense, whilst there are also emotional scenes where he bares his characters' hearts and souls, faults and all, to the reader just at the right time. Nothing felt rushed, nothing felt unnecessary, nothing felt undeveloped. It's fantastic storytelling throughout – introducing his fantasy world without slowing the pace of the novel before the more complicated plot aspects begins.

The variety of characters is also superb. A soldier looking for redemption, a melodramatic but brilliant scientist and his incredibly bright but shy assistant, two street forgers looking to better their lives all with delicate relationships connecting them together – what more could you want? Their introductions make the novel vividly entertaining, funny and endearing. As soon as they team up to save their world, the novel steps up a gear and keeps on stepping up gears until the very last page. Loose ends are tied and then attached to more mysteries setting up future books in the series to come. I honestly can't praise this book enough; stay on for the entire ride – the beginning is at a slower pace than the rest of the book but absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt worth investing time into – and you'll be more than glad you bought a ticket. Bennett has written a gem of a book.

Fantastically constructed and phenomenally executed, 'Foundryside will not disappoint. It's a world like no other, a concept like no other and a read like no other. I will definitely be picking up subsequent books in the series as well as tackling some of Robert Jackson Bennett's earlier works that I haven't already read. I strongly suggest you do the same!

Many thanks to the publishers for providing a copy for review!

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Buy Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett at

Buy Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett at


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