Die For Me by Amy Plum

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Die For Me by Amy Plum

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Category: Teens
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Loralei Haylock
Reviewed by Loralei Haylock
Summary: A mixed bag of a book with some interesting mythology and likeable characters, but a plot that doesn't step much outside of Kate and Vincent's love life. Borrow, don't buy.
Buy? Maybe Borrow? Yes
Pages: 352 Date: May 2011
Publisher: Atom
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-1907411021

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Ever since Kate's parents died, she's been living life on pause – moving from day to day without actually ever living. She's moved with her sister to Paris to live with their grandparents, but even the beautiful city of love can't shake her out of her apathy. At least, not until she meets Vincent.

Vincent is impossibly beautiful - just seeing him makes Kate's head spin. After months of living inside her comfortable bubble, emerging into the world isn't easy. Kate's afraid to let herself get involved, afraid that she could lose everything all over again. But despite herself, Kate starts falling and fast.

But Vincent is involved in something weird. First Kate sees him leaping into the Seine after a girl attempting to commit suicide, while his friends are caught up in what appears to be a swordfight. Then she finds an obituary for a firefighter who looks remarkably like him from decades ago. As Kate realises there's more to her crush than meets the eye, she has to make the choice: return to her shadow life living without him, or risk more than just her heart to be with him.

Die For Me is an odd book. As teen supernatural romance books go, it's fairly par for the course. Hot supernatural guys abound, as do breathtaking kisses in romantic locations, and things are never as they seem. If that were all, it would be an okay book, three stars, borrow it from the library and enjoy reading in the garden while sunning yourself in this unseasonally good weather.

But Die For Me is trying desperately to be more than that. It's a book that's so self-conscious about being a Twilight-rehash that it makes awkward references to it in a flippant manner, like pointing out the obvious flaws would make Die For Me a better book. Aren't you glad you didn't fall for a vampire? Um, no not really.

If there was a plot beyond 'will she/won't she end up with Vincent' it escaped me, and the 'my parent's died heartbreak' though well portrayed, got a bit annoying after a while. I think the latter is inextricably linked with the former. I don't expect characters to get over the untimely death of their parents rapidly, but if it's all you're going on about for three quarters of a book while said character decides whether or not her boyfriend is worth the hassle, well, there are hundreds of other books in this genre I could be reading.

That said, the mythology is interesting and unusual, the characters are likeable – if a bit inexplicably in love with Kate – and Paris makes a wonderful change of scenery for the genre. There are some amusing moments and the premise is strong enough to carry you through some of the more drab scenes.

All in all, a mixed bag really. Parts of this book are great, others not so much. I guess the best way to put it would be to say I'd be interested to see the sequel. I'm not waiting on the edge of my seat for it, but equally, I would probably pick it up in a library, or if I saw it here on Bookbag's shelves.

My thanks to the publishers for sending a copy.

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Buy Die For Me by Amy Plum at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Die For Me by Amy Plum at Amazon.co.uk

Buy Die For Me by Amy Plum at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Die For Me by Amy Plum at Amazon.com.


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