Cinderella's Secret Diary by Faye Hanson

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Cinderella's Secret Diary by Faye Hanson

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Category: Confident Readers
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Jo Heffer
Reviewed by Jo Heffer
Summary: Everyone knows the story of Cinderella – how she was badly treated by her ugly sisters and was not allowed to go to the ball. Eventually she was saved by her fairy godmother and ended up marrying her handsome prince. It's a true fairy story with a happy ending but what was it really like to be Cinderella? In her secret diary, we find out all her private thoughts and feelings as we follow her through the most important months of her life.
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Pages: 20 Date: October 2012
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN: 9780230742048

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Did you know that Cinderella kept a secret diary sharing all her thoughts and feelings about how she was treated by her stepmother and her two ugly sisters? The diary starts when her father returns home from his travels and not long after, she is introduced to Madame Riche who is soon to become her father's wife. When Cinderella finds out about the forthcoming marriage, she is very excited to discover that she will soon have two sisters. Unfortunately, her excitement is short lived as, after the marriage, her father stays abroad for business and Cinderella's stepmother and sisters start to show their true colours. They are mean and nasty treating her no better than a slave. The worst thing is when an invitation comes for the royal ball and Cinderella is not allowed to attend even though she has been invited. Luckily, her fairy godmother appears, waves her magic wand and well, I guess we all know what happens next. Everybody loves a happy ending and it's wonderful to read Cinderella's words at the end of her diary:

I can't begin to tell you, dear diary, of how wonderfully happy I am.

'Cinderella's Secret Diary' is an enjoyable read particularly for fans of the original fairy tale. The reader really gets to know Cinderella's innermost thoughts and feelings and is able to sympathise about everything that she is put through. My daughters liked the way that Cinderella always remained quite optimistic even when the most horrible things were happening to her.

We also liked the way that the book is written in diary form and provides a very good model for how to actually write a diary. The events are organised under date headings and at times Cinderella has included photos and keepsakes such as her actual invitation to the ball. It's also written in the first person so we really get to know what she is thinking.

There are also some quite mystical illustrations that add to the overall atmosphere and enjoyment of this book. There's even a pull out mirror and a cardboard tiara. My daughters really enjoyed reading the diary and have even been inspired to write their own. It's a very enjoyable read that tells a well known story from a particular point of view.

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Buy Cinderella's Secret Diary by Faye Hanson at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Cinderella's Secret Diary by Faye Hanson at

Buy Cinderella's Secret Diary by Faye Hanson at Amazon You can read more book reviews or buy Cinderella's Secret Diary by Faye Hanson at


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