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T.R.Hendrick became a Naval Veteran while sharing a ten year career in Law Enforcement. This is a man dedicated to our country. He is currently a Telecommunications VP, Author and Public Speaker. His debut novel, the highly recommended To End a Bloodline, was a clever and unpredictable murder mystery that thoroughly entertained readers. His imaginative story telling has its genesis from his curious mind, insightful intellect, and infectious humor. Watching him turn all of these characters in to a novel was amazing. Seeing his face light up when talking about What If They Knew as he was researching and writing was a remarkable site.

By God’s grace he somehow convinced the love of his life, Lin to marry him 32 years ago. They have 3 gorgeous daughters and 6 grandchildren who all affectionately love their “Happy”. He is blessed to have lived with all his family in Lubbock Texas for nearly 40 years. What If They Knew will captivate you with detail, suspense and is designed to be thought provoking. As one avid reader to another, I say, “Pour yourself a cup, have a seat, kick back and enjoy a well written book by T.R.Hendrick." ~ Charles Y. and Brad S.

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