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Right, I don't want this bio to sound like a boring CV, so what can I tell you that will be interesting and relevant?

Well I'm passionate about books… no surprises there! I particularly love those authors who have a real gift for intricate storytelling with characters you could actually meet on your journey to work. My absolute favourites are Joanne Harris, John Irving, Ken Follett, Kate Mosse, and I know it's a bit out there, but good old Charles Dickens. You should be warned though that this list changes all the time.

For the past 4 years, I've worked as Marketing Manager for a magazine publisher on the South Bank in London. I enjoy my job and the commute allows me to read at least one book a week – bliss.

Some other basic information you might like to know is that I studied English at Exeter University, I'm a keen runner and if I had to pick my favourite place in the whole world it's the airport. Not just because I love travelling but because you get to watch other people, plus you get plenty of time to read there too! Can you see a recurring theme?