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Peter Lynas writes children's picture books, which is somewhat unfortunate as he can't draw. He's won some awards and had some nice things said about his books, but most importantly, children seem to like them, or at least they pretend to while he is there.

Peter began writing because stories and ideas were bursting out inside of him such that it wasn't a choice, but more a requirement. His writing style naturally lends itself to picture books, which despite being short are not necessarily easier to write.

Peter's stories are meant to be read out loud, and as such, he takes an incredible amount of care when writing to craft a story that carefully considers the use of rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, timing, and pace. But most importantly he places great emphasis on the sound of the story, because he believes that a good story is like a song where the words sing from the page as intended by the author, no matter who the reader is.

Although writing is hugely rewarding in itself, his favourite moments as an author have been the unexpected ones – being stopped in the street by a child to be told that his books are brilliant, being told that he is a child's favourite author, or best of all, reading to over 100 wide-eyed, silently enthralled children. We write for those moments.