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Pamela Brookes started writing DOG ON A LOG Books when her daughter needed decodable books that were more than just a few sentences long. She made them available to the public to help other families that were struggling to find fun books that would not frustrate their kids.

Pamela and her family live in the Arizona desert wilderness surrounded by a nature preserve. Rattlesnakes, gila monsters, and jumping cholla cactus are just a normal part of life. So are chickens, barncats, and a pack of rescue dogs (including feral dogs that they trapped and tamed.) From time to time the chickens escape from their coop and make their way into DOG ON A LOG Books. Even the family's guard cat ended up on the front cover of The Junk Lot Cat. They have not seen talking musk oxen in their bathtub, but they have found a number of glow-in-blacklight-scorpions in their living room. (Unlike musk oxen, scorpions are not welcome in the house and are immediately trapped with a glass jar and taken out to the wilderness where they belong.)

To help any child on their reading path, Pamela has an upcoming set of Parent-Friendly books that are a roadmap to teaching reading. While that is underway, she is creating free printable gameboards, flashcards, and more. She makes them available on her website as they are developed. You can download them at

To help parents try and navigate the overwhelming world of dyslexia and struggling readers, Pamela has written an e-booklet that answers all the questions she wished she'd known to ask just a bit earlier. Teaching a Struggling Reader: One Mom's Experience with Dyslexia can be downloaded for free from here.

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