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Nick was born into an RAF Family in 1959. His father served on Flying Boats until the end of the second world war, and then remained in service until his retirement in 1970. His mother worked as many hours as she could to help keep Nick and his brother Tony at boarding school which they had both been despatched to at the age of 8. After leaving school and then college at the then Cambridge College of Arts and Technology Nick took jobs first as a trainee betting shop manager, then door to door salesman, fork lift driver and part time barman. He finally got a job which he held down for longer than 6 months as a public relations assistant at the Advertising Standards Authority. He joined Rapiergroup in 1984, and then, thanks to the support of his very generous boss at the time, he ended up acquiring the company in 1989. He became MP for Enfield North in 2010 until he narrowly lost the seat in 2015.

Nick has four children by his first marriage, and two grandchildren with a third on the way, He wants more grandchildren, but rightly has no say in the matter.

Nick was married again in 2009 to Helen, former financial director at Rapiergroup, and now managing director. Helen has successfully taken the business to new levels that Nick never achieved, but he rather weakly insists he laid the foundations for such success.

That Nick did not come from a narrow political background and entered parliament relatively late in life is perhaps why Confessions of a Recovering MP is such an enjoyable and refreshing read, devoid of political rhetoric, but a rich journey through political life with all its ups and downs. One thing is certain, this book will change your perspective, for better or worse, of what an MP actually does.

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