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KS Turner is a British author of epic fantasy novels; fantasy with hints of speculative fiction, science fiction and philosophy.

Kate originally trained as a designer and illustrator at Saint Martins School of Art and then Middlesex University. She turned her creativity towards fiction writing when she saw the limitless possibilities of connectivity it offered. Before her change in career she worked as a fashion designer for major high-street brands, a product designer for corporations, and a graphic designer for musicians, as well as experimenting with designing technology, sustainable energy, and textiles.

Kate’s novels from The Chronicles of Fate and Choice trilogy were inspired by a vivid series of dreams. Initially, Kate tried illustrating those dreams, but found the medium of drawing too restrictive for the story she had seen, so began writing. At this point, there wasn’t any intention of writing novels, but the books soon started to come together.

Her novels have been featured in many magazines, won book of the month with Spirit and Destiny magazine, fantasy pick of the year with Bookbag, and the ‘Must Read Now’ awards with SciFiNow magazine.

When Kate isn't writing, she draws and sculpts as well as studying maths, science, theology and philosophy. She loves to play music, explore, nurture nature, spend time with family and friends. She loves all animals, especially cats, and has rescued creatures of all shapes and sizes; from hedgehogs to horses.