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John was born in London and raised on one of its toughest estates in Kings Cross. He has worked as a volunteer in many countries, including organising and delivering medical aid to orphanages and hospitals in Romania, South America and Bosnia during the war. Over the years he has had over 50 different occupations ranging from grave-digging, cocktail barman, to project managing major government infrastructure projects and working in a mental health facility in Manhattan. His adventures continue; recently he rode a 1950's British Army motorbike across India to raise money for a number of children’s charities.

John has written four books. The first, his autobiography The Benevolence of Rogues, tells of the roguish characters he encountered in his travels around the world whose help he called upon years later to complete his humanitarian aid missions. The first two novels in the rousing pre-war historical adventure thrillers in the Rogues Trilogy, Churchill's Rogue and The Gathering Storm were published in 2013 and 2014. The final novel, The Darkest Hour, will be published on 1st December later in 2015.