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All my life the Second World War has been a haunting memory. In Canada when I was a boy, my father took me canoeing in the harbor. I saw ships with holes in them. I was too young to know what those holes were, but those eerie sights stuck in my mind. The Second World War ended but my youth and early manhood were tainted by the war’s nightmarish effect—the Cold War.

This war which was so much a part of my life intrigued me. I began reading everything I could about it. Later, I traveled to Europe to visit the battlefields and museums. Those trips brought the war to life. No one can ever visit those cemeteries and war monuments and not realize how horrible the war was and how terribly the people suffered. Astonishingly, it was all because of one man. I began wondering if all that misery and horror could have been avoided if Hitler had been killed early-on in the war. The book, The Man Who Killed Hitler, is the result of that wonderment.

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