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AS Cookson grew up in Jamaica and learned a lot about Great Britain through the school curriculum. He later became a secondary school teacher and migrated to the UK when British agencies were recruiting teachers for British schools from the Caribbean. The recruitment of teachers was somewhat similar to the earlier 'Windrush' recruitment of labourers in 1948. Since 2000, he has taught English and Literature in different schools in London.

The author has seen the positive roles played by migrants from the Caribbean and other countries, on the social and economic existence of Great Britain. On many occasions, the positive contributions go unnoticed. This has led him to write his book to highlight the adventures and contributions of people who have migrated to the UK from all over the world, but especially, from the Caribbean.

His book, The Man Who Came to London, has 242 pages, divided into 30 chapters. Each chapter looks at the 'discoveries' that Freddy (the main character), makes as he moves around London and through other cities; all the time, giving new insight into the social, cultural and political landscape of the UK.

In addition to his Qualified Teacher Status, AS Cookson has a MA degree in Media, Communication and Public Relations, from the University of Leicester. He has also written online content for an international college. The author loves cricket and football and lives with his family in London.

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