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  • |genre=Women's Fiction, which also just happens to be a short boat ride away from Brayner Island, in Penzance. Elliot wants his Christmas cake-and-eat-it-too!
    4 KB (719 words) - 11:23, 29 November 2014
  • |genre=Women's Fiction, accompanied by their respective spouses. To the uninformed, Manhattan island is about the size of my handbag.
    5 KB (757 words) - 17:03, 8 November 2014
  • ...ccasionally mesmerising if somehow self-indulgent novel of love and grief, fiction and fact, history and memory. Recommended, unless you really like your stor ...utifully written with not a word wasted, Great Expectations meets tropical island in this look at the love of reading, the terrors of war, post-colonialism a
    4 KB (571 words) - 10:19, 8 November 2014
  • ...utifully written with not a word wasted, Great Expectations meets tropical island in this look at the love of reading, the terrors of war, post-colonialism a [[Category:General Fiction|*Top Ten Books For Your Auntie]]
    4 KB (676 words) - 10:31, 8 November 2014
  • ...utifully written with not a word wasted, Great Expectations meets tropical island in this look at the love of reading, the terrors of war, post-colonialism a [[Category:Literary Fiction|*Top Ten War Novels]]
    5 KB (762 words) - 10:39, 8 November 2014
  • Do you remember your first foray into adult fiction? We certainly do. There's a whole world of grown up books out there just wa romance, violence and adventure as it goes a-viking. Fans of historical fiction will love it.
    4 KB (645 words) - 08:28, 13 December 2013
  • the truth but publishers do seem to be moving away from serious women's fiction in favour of chick lit. Why do you think this is?''' forties, then I realised the virtual absence of mature women in popular fiction was insulting and ridiculous. Women over 40 were never centre-stage. If the
    13 KB (2,411 words) - 19:28, 18 November 2009
  • disaffected, despite citizenship on the school curriculum. Do you think fiction is better placed to incite topical debate amongst schoolchildren?''' ...rough a fictional story brings alive the reality of a political situation. Fiction can bring important issues to life. It can be a spring-board to further exp
    9 KB (1,577 words) - 19:30, 18 November 2009
  • ...h OUP will appear: ''Cows in the Maze''. I'd like to write another science fiction novel or two, and there are tentative plans for another ''Discworld'' book ...n our 'to do' list. We go to Egypt most years. Last year we visited Easter Island, which was an amazing experience. This year we went to the Galapagos Island
    16 KB (2,796 words) - 19:32, 18 November 2009
  • <metadesc>Book review site, with books from most walks of literary life; fiction, biography, crime, cookery and children's books plus author interviews and ...uring books from all the many walks of literary life - [[:Category:Fiction|fiction]], [[:Category:Biography|biography]], [[:Category:Crime|crime]], [[:Categor
    23 KB (3,795 words) - 15:52, 16 November 2017
  • |genre=Literary Fiction ...set on American frontiers, take on [[Canada by Richard Ford]] or [[Caribou Island by David Vann]].
    5 KB (846 words) - 14:46, 1 February 2015
  • That’s the point where (as with all detective fiction) you have to bite your tongue and refrain from saying ''Oh, come on! Don't jaunt through the badlands of the Camorra, which reach far beyond the island of their birth.
    6 KB (1,048 words) - 09:58, 22 December 2014
  • |genre=General Fiction ...mportant and I didn’t get much of a sense of the differences between our island and theirs other than the reversal in seasons. The author has lived in both
    5 KB (969 words) - 10:26, 2 February 2017
  • |genre=Literary Fiction ...novel. How would a story about a couple and a baby on a remote rock of an island be sustained for 300 plus pages? It's actually sustained rather beautifully
    4 KB (748 words) - 13:05, 17 November 2014
  • ...ter where [[Partials by Dan Wells|Partials]] finished - Kira has left Long Island to search for answers. Who is she? Why do the Partials have expiry dates? H It see the returns of some old favourites - Marcus is still on Long Island, wondering if Kira is ok, helping the government look for a cure and trying
    3 KB (523 words) - 07:49, 12 November 2014
  • |genre=Historical Fiction |summary=It starts off feeling like a reasonably good historical fiction about a woman fighting 19th century norms in a small town. Then, surreptit
    5 KB (718 words) - 15:41, 28 January 2015
  • ...e full length novels, all published between 1929 and 1934. Even his short fiction fizzles out under two dozen and was pretty much complete by the same time. ...tments. He invites the Charles' to spend the weekend at his house on Long Island. He has been receiving warnings or maybe threats from the deliberately shad
    11 KB (1,996 words) - 16:32, 8 January 2015
  • |genre=General Fiction |summary=A compelling read about a coup-de-etat on a fictional Caribbean island from the point of view of the rebels and a government minister. Recommended
    4 KB (670 words) - 15:14, 26 November 2014
  • ...twisted versions of things that have happened - and then parts are purely fiction. Again, this comes from the desire/ need to keep it simple, so I suppose a * '''BB: What are you reading at the moment? What would be your desert island book?'''
    9 KB (1,690 words) - 11:31, 15 May 2013
  • |genre=Women's Fiction ...ine who come off the page and more action than you normally get in women's fiction. A good holiday read. Mark Devine popped into Bookbag Towers to [[The Inter
    3 KB (599 words) - 10:32, 6 December 2014
  • |genre=Historical Fiction |genre=Historical Fiction
    10 KB (1,635 words) - 17:59, 30 December 2012
  • |genre=Historical Fiction you who aren't so keen. Shall we just say that if you like historical fiction with a modern twist you'll love ''Secrets of the Sea House''? Anything thi
    5 KB (762 words) - 15:41, 22 November 2014
  • |publisher=Little Island ...sights, smells and sounds of 1650’s Madrid come to full life. Historical fiction may not be the most popular genre in children’s literature, but ''Bartolo
    4 KB (636 words) - 12:39, 19 December 2014
  • [[Category:General Fiction|*]] [[Category:New Reviews|General Fiction]] __NOTOC__<!-- Remove -->
    18 KB (2,921 words) - 17:20, 15 November 2017
  • .... Readers are, I suspect, quite varied but with a preference for literary fiction, perhaps, and novels involving mysteries or problems that need to be solved * '''BB: What would be your desert island book?'''
    5 KB (916 words) - 09:36, 21 October 2014
  • [[Category:Historical Fiction|*]] [[Category:New Reviews|Historical Fiction]]__NOTOC__<!-- Remove -->
    22 KB (3,548 words) - 07:49, 2 November 2017
  • |title= Paperbacks from Hell: A History of Horror Fiction from the '70s and '80s |genre=General Fiction
    22 KB (3,727 words) - 08:30, 19 September 2017
  • |genre=Science Fiction |summary= Nine comedians are invited to a remote Caribbean island under the guise of working with Dustin Walker, a comedic legend. Each fits
    23 KB (3,777 words) - 08:42, 26 October 2017
  • [[Category:Literary Fiction|*]] [[Category:New Reviews|Literary Fiction]] __NOTOC__<!-- Remove -->
    22 KB (3,584 words) - 07:48, 2 November 2017
  • |title=Desolation Island |genre=Literary Fiction
    5 KB (765 words) - 17:23, 20 January 2015
  • ...y're places where you can't or shouldn't be seen walking; places where, in fiction, women who transgress boundaries are punished (thinking of everything from ...s, free-spirited University of Pennsylvania student, he moved to Nantucket Island to earn the rest of his college credits through independent study and happe
    23 KB (3,817 words) - 15:52, 16 November 2017
  • |genre=General Fiction Katie and her friends in Elephant Beach, Long Island are going to make the most of summer 1972. High school is behind them, the
    5 KB (809 words) - 12:04, 7 November 2014
  • |genre=Children's Non-Fiction |genre=Children's Non-Fiction
    23 KB (3,877 words) - 11:56, 23 October 2017
  • ...o change the name again - and ''Lindisfarne'' (with the name taken from an island off the Northumberland coast) was born. More than forty years on and with |genre=Children's Non-Fiction
    17 KB (2,880 words) - 17:04, 9 November 2017
  • |genre=General Fiction ...use it was made into one of the more beautiful movie adaptations of modern fiction. While his latest book, ''The Elephant Keepers' Children'' is unlikely to c
    5 KB (832 words) - 14:50, 21 January 2015
  • Like the rest of my young adult fiction, [[Firewallers by Simon Packham|Firewallers]] is set (at least in part) at ...ttentions of the press, Mum drags Jess and her sister to a remote Scottish island where an old family friend is part of a strange eco community. The Dawdlers
    4 KB (604 words) - 14:51, 28 May 2013
  • |genre=General Fiction When Dan Byrne's wife died suddenly he took refuge on an island near Stockholm and worked quietly at home as a translator, needing little i
    4 KB (628 words) - 09:30, 4 August 2015
  • ...ry=Strong characters, unusual creatures and a great location on a Scottish island make this stand out from the crowd of supernatural books out there! ...ith their father about a decade ago. When Alistair returns to the Scottish island of Eilean to try to put things right, their dad doesn't want to have anythi
    3 KB (421 words) - 16:10, 31 January 2015
  • |summary= As teenage fiction ''Book of Lies'' has all the usual themes -- confused sense of identity, re |genre=General Fiction
    23 KB (3,734 words) - 16:50, 30 September 2017
  • ...ming and melting ice-caps, this is the story of the last inhabitants of an island called Wing, who set sail in search of a new life once Wing is sunk under t |genre=General Fiction
    23 KB (3,890 words) - 17:12, 11 November 2017
  • |genre=Literary Fiction Amy Grace Loyd has had an interesting writing career which includes editing fiction for ''Playboy''. Although this heritage is evident in this novel in all it
    4 KB (615 words) - 11:31, 15 December 2014
  • |genre=Literary Fiction find out she'd gone back to Jamaica. The residual family had left the island not long after the father's desertion.
    8 KB (1,408 words) - 14:10, 24 January 2015
  • ...t|The Crabber Stories]]- a book of coming-of-age short stories set on Long Island in the nineteen-fifties - and we had plenty to talk about when Francis Benn ...t|The Crabber Stories]]- a book of coming-of-age short stories set on Long Island in the nineteen-fifties - and we had plenty to talk about when Francis Benn
    7 KB (1,372 words) - 07:26, 22 May 2012
  • put down, he retired from the army and bought a farm on a small Greek island. Marcus has spent most of his boyhood on the farm, learning to train dogs, [[Category:Historical Fiction]]
    3 KB (530 words) - 10:45, 7 December 2014
  • |genre= Science Fiction ...short stories for TV. Startlingly, Dick's current relevance reaches beyond fiction and into the factual: his topics from intrusive advertising and loss of pri
    21 KB (3,475 words) - 08:43, 26 October 2017
  • ...d. He also wrote brilliant children's adventure stories such as ''Treasure Island'' and ''Kidnapped'', but, again, he did not restrict himself to prose writi ...ure of poetry, nature and travel pieces, and excerpts from longer works of fiction. Felicity Trotman, a freelance editor and member of the English Civil War S
    21 KB (3,431 words) - 14:26, 8 November 2017
  • |genre=General Fiction ...s a great sense of being temporarily stranded without them all being on an island they needed to find their way off, and as the secrets become bigger, the sm
    4 KB (742 words) - 09:55, 2 February 2017
  • |publisher=Little Island .... I would recommend it to any girl, whether she's interested in historical fiction or not, from the age of 11 upwards.
    5 KB (735 words) - 17:11, 11 November 2017
  • |genre=Literary Fiction ...mething about the major characters of this unusual novel reminds me of the island-like status in which McRobie appears to place poetry . They all remain disc
    5 KB (900 words) - 17:56, 11 November 2014
  • |title= Delroy in the Marog Kingdom (Island Fiction) ...ption, only put me in mind of the [[Escape from Silk Cotton Forest (Island Fiction) by Francis C Escayg|previous book]] I'd encountered in this branded series
    2 KB (414 words) - 12:58, 13 November 2014

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