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      <item logid="48571" ns="0" title="This Golden Fleece: A Journey Through Britain&#039;s Knitted History by Esther Rutter" pageid="47488" type="patrol" action="patrol" user="Sue" timestamp="2019-10-04T15:50:02Z" comment="">
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      <item logid="48569" ns="0" title="All the Rage (D I Fawley) by Cara Hunter" pageid="47486" type="patrol" action="patrol" user="Sue" timestamp="2019-10-04T14:41:23Z" comment="">
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      <item logid="48567" ns="0" title="Murder at the Dolphin Hotel by Helena Dixon" pageid="47484" type="patrol" action="patrol" user="Sue" timestamp="2019-10-04T14:38:52Z" comment="">
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      <item logid="48565" ns="0" title="A Body in the Bookshop (Kitt Hartley Yorkshire Mysteries) by Helen Cox" pageid="47482" type="patrol" action="patrol" user="Sue" timestamp="2019-10-04T14:35:53Z" comment="">
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