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Actually, that title should read Top Ten Teen Books Jill Read in 2010. And she's read a few. These are her favouritest of favourites and it was a tough choice. She's discounted books that were second or subsequent volumes in a series - perhaps a bit tough, but otherwise she'd still be choosing. Why not tell us about yours?

WE by John Dickinson


Classy sci-fi thriller about free will, individuality, collectivism and the genetic need to reproduce. It's intense, eerie and absolutely, utterly absorbing. Top notch stuff for older teens and adults alike. Full review...

Luke and Jon by Robert Williams


Gorgeous tale of grief, friendship and moving on. Moments of great clarity add true depth to this funny, sad, wise and truthful book. It has something for everyone. Full review...

No and Me by Delphine de Vigan


A beautiful story all about home - how someone who lives in a house with their family can be just as homeless as someone on the streets. Beautifully translated and tremendously moving, it's for readers aged eight to eighty-eight. Full review...

Dark Life by Kat Falls


A really fresh look at a busy future catastrophe genre, in which prospectors are colonising the ocean bed after global warming reaches crisis point. Fantastic tension and a superb imagination feed an original and satisfying book. Highly recommended. Full review...

iBoy by Kevin Brooks


Wonderful mix of science fiction and kitchen sink drama in this latest book from one of Bookbag's all-time favourite children's authors. Full review...

Trash by Andy Mulligan


Wonderful adventure set in an unnamed South American country and featuring "dumpsite" children who earn their living by sorting through rubbish. Moving and thought-provoking and ever-so-slightly whimsical, it combines a mystery story and social comment to wonderful effect. Full review...

Losing It by Keith Gray


Short stories about virginity by some of our leading writers for teens. Disparate, thoughtful, sweet and funny - they add a great deal to the conversation about teen sex that we all have, most importantly the teens themselves. Full review...

You Against Me by Jenny Downham


A book about love, loyalty and choices. Beautifully written and tremendously moving, it's a worthy follow up to the phenomenally successful Before I Die. Full review...

Firebrand (Rebel Angels) by Gillian Philip


Gorgeous new fantasy series from one of Bookbag's favourite teen authors. It's all good fantasies should be: vital, charismatic characters, intensely personal stories, big, arching themes. Don't miss this one. It'll win prizes. You'll see! Full review...

The Returners by Gemma Malley


Wonderful exploration of free will versus determination set in a near-future Britain facing the rise of the extreme right. There's a slightly supernatural element - and it's thoroughly chilling. Intelligent, thought-provoking stuff from Malley as usual and kudos to the way she manages to produce it without any loss of tension. Full review...

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