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You've read Dracula and devoured all the Anne Rice books. You love books about vampires but don't know which to read next. These are the books that scare us, that make us jump, that make us check under the bed for things that are going to bite us. Here are the best books about vampires. Why not tell us about your favourites? You may also enjoy our Top Ten Books For Children Who Love To Be Scared Silly.

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer


In the latest instalment of the Twilight series, it is time for Edward to make good on his promises to Bella and to the Volturi... but can he bring himself to hurt Bella quite that much? Whatever his decision someone will be betrayed – the Vampires, the Wolves, or Bella – and none of them are going to take it lying down. Full review...

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson


Part of the Millennium SF Masterworks series, I Am Legend is the inspiration for many subsequent books and films. It's a groundbreaking novel and a must read for any fans of the genre, despite some superficial characterisation among the minor cast. Full review...

Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin


Human female and good male vampire go up against powerful enemies in this wittily-narrated comic horror. The pairing allows for a better than expected and dramatic romp. Full review...

Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson) by Patricia Briggs


The return of our heroine with a much bigger challenge – a demonic vampire (or is it vampiric demon?), intent on raising hell and casualty figures. The novel side of the series, shifted toward the feminine, political and gentle, is sometimes overbearing, but the adventure ultimately gritty and satisfying enough. Full review...

Blood Is The New Black by Valerie Stivers


Would you die for fashion? Kate's new co-workers will, and she's a little bit alarmed when their deaths seem to come more and more frequently. Can she get to the bottom of the murders, and does she really want to know if there's any truth behind the gossip columnists' constant "vampire" rumours? Full review...

The Kiss of Death by Marcus Sedgwick


Tense and claustrophobic Gothic novel set in eighteenth century Venice. Menace, threat, faith and hope combine to provide a tremendously atmospheric novel of great sophistication. Good stuff. Full review...

The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld


A wonderfully observed vignette of societal breakdown in this creepy vampire fantasy, with New York as a perfect backdrop. Readers of the first book in the series will see it slightly differently to the newbies. Recommended for fans of the genre. Full review...

One More Bite (Jaz Parks) by Jennifer Rardin


The fifth in the series comes across as relatively self-contained, and possibly the best spread of comedy, action, spookiness and Twilight-styled vampire-lurving yet. Full review...

Sex, Lies and Vampires by Katie MacAlister


A woman finds a new vampire lover, and a host of problems that that entails in this light and fluffy urban fantasy rom-com blend. It reads as just that – a bizarre-sounding but entertaining mix of fun froth. Full review...

Bitten to Death (Jaz Parks) by Jennifer Rardin


A further adventure for the human killer of the undead with her vampire boss, sees past and future coincide and leaves many corpses as a result. The energy of the series is maintained, although this is strictly for fans of the previous books. Full review...

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