The Bridesmaid Pact by Julia Williams

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The Bridesmaid Pact by Julia Williams

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Category: Women's Fiction
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Jo Heffer
Reviewed by Jo Heffer
Summary: Once upon a time there were four little girls who vowed that when they grew up they would all be each other's bridesmaids. Many years passed and the little girls were no longer such good friends and the pact was virtually forgotten. That was until Doris announced her wedding to Darren and determined that she will bring everyone back together and fulfil the bridesmaid pact.
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Pages: 368 Date: May 2010
Publisher: Avon
ISBN: 978-1847560872

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I recently read Last Christmas by Julia Williams and enjoyed it so much that I was determined to read more by this fabulous author. The opportunity presented itself in the shape of 'The Bridesmaid Pact', a truly wonderful book that not only met but also exceeded all my expectations. In fact it was so good that I read the last 200 pages in just one day, totally ignoring my family whilst doing so.

The Bridesmaid Pact tells the story of four women who were very close friends as children and consequently made a pact that they would all be each other’s bridesmaids. Unfortunately though, as the years have passed there have been fallouts and misunderstandings and times when various parties were not even speaking to each other. This has meant that three weddings have occurred without the bride having her full complement of bridesmaids. Doris is the last to walk down the aisle and she is determined that not only will she have her fairy tale Disney themed wedding but she will also have her three best friends as bridesmaids. The question is whether or not they have grown up enough to put their differences behind them, even for just one day?

As the novel unfolds, the reader learns about the four women and what has occurred between them over the years. Caz has always been a bit wild but insecure mainly due to her unhappy childhood and this has led her to make some serious misjudgements particularly where her friends’ partners are concerned. Sarah married Steve despite everyone else’s misgivings but is now starting to regret it. She feels trapped but can’t seem to find any way out especially with two young children to think about. Beth is happily married but desperately wants a baby. It’s hard not to feel just the slightest bit jealous when your friends seem to be able to have babies at the drop of a hat. It is Doris who probably has the most difficulties to bear though, which is why she so desperately wants to make sure that her wedding is perfect. All four characters are so warm and so real and you just can’t help feeling for them despite all their foibles. It is not a novel about the individuals though but about lasting friendship and how important it is to remember why you were friends in the first place.

At first glance it might seem that this is going to be a light flippant read. It is actually much more than that and tackles some quite thought provoking issues – infertility, serious illness, betrayal - with great tact and sensitivity. It is the sort of book that will have you laughing one moment and in tears the next so don’t think that it's just fluffy chick lit. It is very moving and very warm which is why I enjoyed it so much.

There is just one aspect of Julia Williams' writing that can make it quite tricky when you first start reading this book though. Each chapter is written from a different character's points of view but is always written in the first person. Also sometimes it is taking place in the present whilst at other times you are transported back to earlier days. Even though each chapter is clearly labelled, I still found it quite confusing at first. However, once I got used to this, it was no problem at all and I was completely hooked. The way that the story developed with subtle hints about what was to come just made me want to keep on reading more and more.

I'd like to thank the publishers for sending a copy to The Bookbag.

The Bridesmaid Pact is a truly absorbing novel. Once you have read it, I am sure you will also want to read Last Christmas by the same author.

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