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The book itself is of high quality. The cover is made from thick card, which gives it a weighty feel. The pages are thick and therefore able to cope with the demands of a variety of media, including felt tips and some paints, without the worry that they may seep through the pages, ruining previous or subsequent masterpieces.
I did an experiment with the book and left it open on the kitchen table, with a box of pencils next to it. Every time I returned, a little more of the picture had been mysteriously completed by someone in the family. I also found that the book was fun for sharing and I spent a whole evening helping my daughter to colour in an intricately-patterned lion. We both remarked that even if we completed a little bit of the book every day, it would probably take us years to complete and I suggested she may want to pass it on to her children and grandchildren!(Now that it's finished we've uploaded a [[Louise's Lion|picture]].)
I love this book as it is based on a really simple concept, but is genuinely fun and makes art accessible to all. The pictures in the book are absolutely gorgeous and it is hard to decide which one to complete next. I am very grateful to the publishers for my review copy, which I will cherish.

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