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|title=Barbapapas New House|sort=Barbapapas Barbapapa's New House
|author=Annette Tison and Talus Taylor
|reviewer=Louise Jones
|summary=Barbapapa has to relocate his growing family now that they have outgrown their home.
At the end of the [[Barbapapa's Voyage by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor|last Barbapapa book]], our pink protagonist and his lovely wife were blessed with the addition of seven new shape-shifting Barbababies. A house that was already cramped for a couple was literally bursting at the seams as the family of nine squeezed and squashed themselves into every available crevice. Something had to give; the walls collapsed and out spilled the unfortunate family.
With a little help from their friends, they relocate to a lovely old house, which they lovingly renovate. But their happiness is short lived when the developers decide to flatten the old houses to make way for a new apartment block. The homeless family them make their way to the countryside, where they design and build their dream home. Everything seems perfect, until they hear the familiar rumbling of bulldozers in the distance...

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