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|title= The Unspoken Truth
|author= Angelica Garnett
|buy= Maybe
|borrow= Yes
|format= Hardback
|publisher= Chatto and Windus
|date= January 2010
|sort= Unspoken Truth
I like Garnett's prose style and thought there was more to these stories than autobiographical pieces about being a child of the Bloomsbury set. I would like to read her memoir ''Deceived with Kindness'', her only other published book. Thank you to the publishers for sending a copy to the Bookbag.
Another memoir about growing up in a literary family is [[My Father's Places : A portrait of childhood by Dylan Thomas' daughter by Aeronwy Thomas|My Father's Places]]by Aeronwy Thomas. Janice Galloway's [[I would not normally start a review with the biography of the author, but The Unspoken Truth is presented as autobiographical fiction Collected Stories by a child of the Bloomsbury Group – in fact the subtitle is ''A Quartet of Bloomsbury Stories''. The blurb on the inside cover even identifies which character is based on the author in each of the four stories, just in case we are not sure.Janice Galloway|Collected Stories]] are about similar themes.
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