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Most nasal sprays that contain come in one of 2 different sizes, one will be a 200mg bottle and the other will be in a 400mg bottle. The difference that comes in the size is then reflected further in the potency and quantity of CBD that you receive per spray. As the larger spray will deliver a larger amount than the smaller one would. This means that depending on your needs you are able to tailor the amount you wish to consume. As should the issues you are trying to address not be too severe. It would be wasteful to use that amount of CBD, as the stronger does would have an effect of being negligibly beneficial to the user simply as the smaller dose would have sufficed in treating whatever it was they were attempting to fix. But equally, in the case that they were to require a stronger dose, they are able to use one, rather than needing to get by with a smaller does that perhaps would not be able to help them in whatever they are attempting to treat.
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