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|title=Muddle and Win: the Battle for Sally Jones
|author=John Dickinson
|publisher=David Fickling Books
|date=September 2012
|summary=Sally Jones has a most unusual LDC (Lifetime Deeds Counter). There's not a single point on her Bad Deeds side. Nil. Zero. Nada. Needless to say, the angels are determined to keep it that way. The other lot have sent some of their best men to try to tempt her without success, so now they're trying a different approach — and it involves a demon's janitor called Muddlespot.
Hear the name John Dickinson, and you expect something intriguing and original. And with this fascinating book for younger readers, you won't be disappointed. His premise? The struggle between good and evil, as embodied in the figures of angels and demons. So far, so traditional — a story as old as humanity itself, and done pretty well already by that Milton chap. Ah, but when did you see it portrayed as a series of skirmishes between a chisel-jawed angel wearing Ray-bans, and a tiny imp roughly fashioned from a grey, leathery wart? Oh, and please don't ask what happened to the previous owner of the wart. Just accept that it was painful. And really, really messy.

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