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So, Thing needs to be smuggled into school which turns out to be a mission in itself since he gets travel sick in Ruby's bag! And of course, even once they get Thing into school they then have to keep him hidden away and under control, because if Thing gets angry then that's when the magic starts to happen, and Thing's magic is ''very'' unpredictable! There's plenty of silliness as Ruby and Jackson struggle just to get Thing into school, and then more magical mayhem with a rather mean dinner lady once they do get there!
Once again, this is a great read for confident readers aged around 8 or older. Told from Ruby's point of view it's very immediate and accessible with lots of dialogue and fun lists that keep the action moving along. I like Ruby as a narrator as she's well -intentioned and has Jackson operating as her disaster-prone side-kick. Thing is also rather endearing, continuing to speak like a small child, but I'm very glad my little girl hasn't discovered one at the bottom of our garden! Younger readers of infant school age would probably enjoy having this as a bedtime story read too as the action is very silly and easy to follow and the chapters aren't too long to read.
Once again the illustrations are provided by [[:Category:Alex T Smith|Alex T Smith]], a favourite of mine, and they help the story along wonderfully. I particularly like one picture of Thing on top of Jackson's head trying to force Jackson's face into a frown as well as the picture of a hot and sweaty Ruby (she has Thing tucked up inside an unseasonably warm fleece) lining up to get her lunch from the mean dinner lady.
All in all, a great fun read. Recommended!
In case you missed it, the first book of the series is [[You, Me and Thing: The Curse of the Jelly Babies by Karen McCombie|You, Me and Thing: The Curse of the Jelly Babies]]. Readers may also enjoy [[Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire by Francesca Simon and Tony Ross]] and [[The Odd Squad: King Karl by Michael Fry]]. [[Karen McCombie's You, Me and Thing series in chronological order]]

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