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|title= All You Need is Love
|author= Carole Matthews
|date= July 2008
|amazonukcover=<amazonuk>0755371194</amazonuk> |amazonusaznuk=0755371194|aznus=<amazonus>0755345754</amazonus>
Sally Freeman has always wanted a better life; not just for herself but mostly for her 10 year old son, Charlie. It's just that sitting in her damp, decaying flat in a 70s concrete jungle of a Liverpool sink-estate, with no job, no skills, no prospects and no father for Charlie, Sally cannot see any way this could ever be possible. Even her ex-boyfriend, the good-looking, likeable, funny, friendly, artistic Johnny who loves Charlie as if he were his own son, cannot get a look in. Poor Johnny, who would be perfect if he would only discover some ambition to be somebody. Sally despairs that things could ever change. Until, that is, she signs herself up for a computer course, laid on for those with the greatest need and interest, by the local authority.

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