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|title=At the Edge of Uncertainty: 11 Discoveries Taking Science by Surprise
|author=Michael Brooks
|publisher=Profile Books
|date=July 2014
|summary=In his latest book, Michael Brooks succeeds in guiding his readers right to the arcs constituting the science world’s edge of uncertainty. Makes for a thrilling read.
Eleven Discoveries are introduced and explored in Michael Brooks’ ''At the Edge of Uncertainty'', spanning all from the expansion of epigenetics, the possibility of creating a hypercomputer, and the unveiling of the true nature of the universe. Some of the hypotheses currently being investigated by our contemporary scientific community are baffling enough in themselves: ''Is our universe a hologram of an extra-dimensional universe? Are the mechanisms governing photosynthesis and human olfaction in fact one and the same? Just how well-established are animal personalities and cultures, if such exist? Is a human ‘will to live’ something which can be attributed to discernible biological responses and systems? Is time an illusion?''

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