Rock Chick Rescue by Kristen Ashley

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Rock Chick Rescue by Kristen Ashley

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Category: Women's Fiction
Rating: 2/5
Reviewer: Loralei Haylock
Reviewed by Loralei Haylock
Summary: A book that started with such promise but quickly lost its way to bad characterisation, an overlong and frankly silly plot, with annoying and ridiculous repeated phrases such as 'my doo-dah quivered' to add to the experience. Avoid.
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Pages: 400 Date: June 2014
Publisher: Audible Studios
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-0615764030

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Jet McAlister is working two jobs to help pay for her mother's medical expenses, after a stroke left her mostly paralysed on one side. It's okay - Jet likes taking care of people - but she can't deal with any more complications in her life.

And Eddie Chavez is a walking complication. Not only is he incredibly hot, Jet has been madly in love with him since he first walked into the coffee shop where she works. But Jet isn't good with hot guys, she gets tongue tied around them, and it isn't long before she's said something that makes her look just awful.

Adding to that, Jet's estranged father is back in town, and he has several very bad men on his tail, wanting the money he owes them. Jet needs to track him down and get him out of trouble before that trouble puts her in danger. Can she save her dad and keep her heart intact?

I'll say this for Susannah Jones, she did a wonderful job of narrating this without laughing - though I would love to hear the outtakes. There must be a few. I can't imagine anyone who could read the phrase 'my doo-dah quivered' so many times without laughing, or at least making some despairing sound.

Repeating annoying phrases was rather the theme of this clumsy, overlong romance. At a little over 13 hours long, it was far too long for the genre, with sub-plots and 'will they won't they' romance stretched to the extremes of their limits, my patience along with them.

It started so promisingly, with good set up. I liked Jet and her situation, the impossible pressure she was under with looking out for her mother and trying to pay all the bills without wanting to appear like she was struggling in order to keep her mother's spirits high - that's good set up with plenty of room for conflict and romantic barriers. Eddie was suitably hot and unattainable, with his role as a detective lending nicely to the story with Jet's dad that was starting to get going.

And then it all went horribly wrong. Jet had the emotional maturity of a very young teenager, repeatedly making terrible decisions about her relationship that didn't seem to have any rooting in her character, rather the author's need to keep the relationship from reaching its conclusion before the end of the book. Eddie and the police of Denver were incapable of finding Jet's dad, despite the fact that they knew he was regularly playing poker. Has anyone thought to check casinos? Illegal poker tables? Nope? The illegal poker tables thing might have been convincingly harder to find, only there seemed to be no end of very obliging criminals to let them know exactly where they were when they thought to ask.

I can't figure out what either Eddie or Jet saw in the other - they could easily have been interchanged with any of the other characters in the story (all were hot and apparently crazy). Honestly, if it hadn't been for a duty to reviewing - and the fact that it was an audiobook and therefore could be listened to while washing up without taking any valuable time away from better books - I probably would have given up on this about half way through.

My thanks to the publishers for sending a copy.

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