Love is on the Air by Jane Moore

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Love is on the Air by Jane Moore

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Category: Women's Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Jo Heffer
Reviewed by Jo Heffer
Summary: Cam Simpson has been with her boyfriend Dean for six years and is feeling a little less than satisfied with her lot. She and Dean seem to have found themselves in a rut and he appears more fond of the sofa and the TV than he does of her. Life is comfortable and safe but it is not exactly exciting. Maybe a holiday in Tenerife with her two closest girlfriends will provide the break she needs and she will be able to come back to Dean with renewed interest. That is what Cam hopes for, but perhaps fate has other ideas especially when she meets Tom …
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Pages: 400 Date: February 2011
Publisher: Arrow
ISBN: 978-0099505532

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'Love is on the Air' is all about trying to find the perfect relationship. Cam knows that things are not right with her boyfriend Dean but after six years together, she is afraid to do anything about it. They are behaving like an old married couple and they are not even married. Therefore, when she goes on holiday with friends Saira and Ella, she is somewhat vulnerable and so it is no surprise that she is attracted to fun loving single dad Tom. After a few drinks one thing leads to another but the next day Cam is racked with guilt. She resolves to forget about Tom and to make more effort in her relationship with Dean.

A few weeks on and it looks like she is being successful. That is until she and Dean hear a very surprising 'Where are they now?' request on the radio. Although Cam has tried to forget about Tom, he obviously hasn't forgotten her. Now that Dean has found out, is it the time to come clean about her feelings or continue living a lie?

Love is on the Air is a light and easy read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Cam is a very likeable main character and it is very easy to sympathise with her especially as she is the one telling the story. It is also not difficult to identify with her position as I guess most people in long term relationships have had to work that little harder at keeping the sparkle alive. Also, the fact that she has so many insecurities and is so indecisive about what to do makes her all the more appealing.

All the characters in the book are very entertaining too. They all have their own stories to tell from Cam's embittered mum who is still struggling to accept that her husband left her for another woman many years ago to Cam's friend Ella, who is 'the other woman' and is a bit of a doormat as far as her married boyfriend is concerned. They are certainly not the best role models as far as perfect relationships are concerned.

Love is on the Air is a very easy read and it is one that it is possible to read quite quickly. The story line is quite absorbing but it is thought provoking too and it reminds you that relationships are not always easy. A lot happens in the book and Cam has the opportunity to examine many other relationships but the reader is always kept guessing about how she is going to deal with her own. Will she settle for Dean or will she take a risk on finding someone who really could be 'the one'? It is a very enjoyable read.

I'd like to thank the publishers for sending a copy to The Bookbag.

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