Head Hunters by Claire Peate

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Head Hunters by Claire Peate

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Category: Women's Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Chloe Spooner
Reviewed by Chloe Spooner
Summary: When ancient skulls start to go missing from Winchester Cathedral and an archaeological dig in London, Kate, Dean Archie Cartwright and Edgar are on a race to find them before its their own heads on the chopping block...
Buy? Maybe Borrow? Yes
Pages: 280 Date: March 2009
Publisher: Honno Welsh Women's Press
ISBN: 978-1906784027

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Up in Winchester Castle, the new Dean Archie Cartwright is trying to make his cathedral more popular with the locals by holding entertainment nights. However, he doesn't count on a famous skull being stolen from the cathedral under this very nose and the publicity that brings him. His peers aren't too happy about Archie using the press in this way, let alone having a famous relic stolen, and they're determined that he will recover the stolen head. Together he and local journalist Kate are determined to reveal the truth.

Down in London, Edgar Thompson is starting his new job as Junior Press Officer for the museum of London, a job arranged for him by his archaeologist father. However, when a dig underneath Kings Cross uncovers a magnificent historical find, Edgar is rushed off his feet and thrown into a world he knows nothing about. But when yet another famous head is stolen, Edgar begins to think something fishy just might be going on and wonders who he can trust at the big Museum...

This book is a departure from the books I normally read, yet I found myself getting involved with the story and I was fascinated to find out how it was all going to pan out at the end. What I feel made me like this book as much as I did was the way the author has written - a light-hearted and fun read with some very good characters, but with good historical information scattered throughout that makes the historical elements of the book come alive to a reader. Claire Peate has clearly done her research with regards to the historical characters mentioned in the book and this shows when you read it.

The idea of old skulls being stolen isn't one that particularly fascinates me, and although this is the main crux of the story, it's actually the journey that our characters go on which propels the book in a great direction. I really loved the funky Dean, Archie Cartwright and it's good to see a religious figure who doesn't conform to the stereotype - he's young and trendy and wants to make the church more popular again. The relationship between Archie and Kate was brilliant, kept me guessing throughout and it went at such a nice pace that it wasn't at all rushed or hurried, it seemed natural and enjoyable to read.

On the other hand, Edgar took a while to grow on me. He seemed like a bit of a wimp, forced into a job by his dad and just went along for the easy life. But as the story in London progresses, his character comes out of his shell and takes on a personality of his own which was great. The story at the archaeological dig was fascinating, kept as somewhat of a mystery even to the reader until a fair way in, and this kept me involved and wanting to find out more.

The idea of a historical story didn't exactly appeal to me immensely at first, but when I got into it, I found it interesting and the twists and turns along the way sat well in the story and kept the pace going. I enjoyed the third person writing style which allows for the constant changing of characters and scenery - handy when a book has more than one lead character. The focus changes every few chapters, so you get a good chunk of story in either Winchester or London before it moves on.

The description of the cathedral and dig site in London made me imagine the scenes as I went along, and I found it a very enjoyable read. It's a fun book that takes you across the country and brings some of our most famous historical figures back to the forefront in great style. Recommended.

I'd like to thank the publishers for sending a copy to The Bookbag. We also have a review of Guerrillas in Our Midst by Claire Peate.

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