Friends Like These by Sarah Alderson

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Friends Like These by Sarah Alderson

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Category: Thrillers
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Zoe Morris
Reviewed by Zoe Morris
Summary: Old friends aren’t always as you remember them, all is not always as it seems, and sometimes good girls go bad in this feisty thriller than keeps you hooked in.
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Pages: 320 Date: December 2018
Publisher: Mulholland Books
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-1473681828

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Life in London isn’t always glam, especially if you’re young and underpaid. For Lizzie it’s all a bit of a balancing act. She has a nice home but it technically belongs to her room-mate’s parents. She works in the entertainment industry, but her job itself is probably not one you’d covet. She doesn’t have much spare time, but that’s because she’s been working through some self-improvement. If they could only see her now. And, well, actually, they can, although there’s a lot less of her to see than there once was. But yes, she doesn’t really have much time for the past and the people from it.

You know how it works though. You’re looking up someone from your past online (reason unimportant - maybe you’ve just clocked their ex on ‘’Tinder’’, maybe you haven’t) but they seem to have unfriended you. Seriously, who does that? You might not have valued their friendship but they were supposed to be valuing yours. It’s just rude. Now intrigued and a little bit annoyed, you look on, explore deeper, fall further into the deepest darkest realms of Google and then, yes, finally you find her, the silly cow. That’s how Becca comes back into Lizzie’s life. She fell out of it about the same time she fell down the stairs at work. Smash, she went. Splat. It wasn’t pretty and it resulted in a hefty pay out and her not returning to work, hence why they drifted apart, but now she’s resurfaced and Lizzie is going to look her up.

This is such a clever book that messes with your mind in the best possible way. Even when I was on the last page I was still confused, a little nagging doubt in my mind that maybe I’d missed something. Could it really be how it seemed? Had she really planned and executed such a wicked plan? And, more to the point, did she really have everyone fooled - friends, family, cops and of course readers on the other side of the page? I loved how neat some of the details were, and the multiple perspectives on things. You had to pay attention though, because Lizzie would mention something in passing and then Becca would bring it up many chapters later, and of course with a different view of how things went down.

Becca might have been the one with physical injuries, but Lizzie has been damaged too, through her childhood, her upbringing and since then through the way people have treated her. She’s understandably jealous of Becca but still drawn back towards her, and that’s when things start to get dangerous for both girls and those in their closest circle. I was delighted by the ending of this book. It was unexpected in a way that makes you gasp at the audacity of it all but, also, made me respect her just a little bit more. There’s nothing quite like someone knowing what they want and going out of their way to get it, and you have to admire that drive even if the methods are a little suspect.

This book was so easy to read that I flew through it. I’d like to thank the publishers for sending us a copy as I really enjoyed it. If you like unexpected twists, we’d also recommend The One by John Marrs.

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