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Dog Waiting by Lisa Vandy

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Category: Pets
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Sue Magee
Reviewed by Sue Magee
Summary: If you're looking for a thoughtful present for a dog lover then this could be the perfect answer. It's a small book of photographs of dogs waiting outside shops for their ownners and every mood, from excited anticipation to grim resignation, is captured.
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Pages: 96 Date: March 2007
Publisher: Boxtree Ltd
ISBN: 978-0752226309

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It would be fair to say that my life revolves around the needs of two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs: I am their staff. I also know every dog in the neighbourhood and if they are ever lost they are as likely to find their way to our house as they are to find their way home. I am addicted to dogs, any and all dogs.

To some people a dog is just a dog, but to the true dog-lover he is the most expressive of animals. You can tell so much from the stance, how the head is held or the lie of the ears. Lisa Vandy has taken some wonderful pictures of dogs waiting for their owners, usually outside shops and you can see all the emotions from excited anticipation through to grim resignation.

It was amusing to speculate what was going through each dog's mind. There's a Jack Russell staring at a café window with such longing that I wanted to go in and tell the owner to hurry up. The dog outside the butcher's shop ("American Express Cards Welcome") has a faraway look in his eyes, but I couldn't decide if he was thinking of his owner or just enjoying the smells. Some of the dogs are obviously known to the photographer as we're told their names. Nellie of Columbia Road in London has such a glossy coat that it shines where the sun catches it and her eyes glow like amber.

Photographing dogs is not easy as I know to my cost. The relaxed and natural pose you want to capture quickly becomes guarded when the camera appears, particularly if it's in the hands of a stranger. What struck me about the pictures in the book is that most of the dogs seemed completely unaware of the photographer. There are two pictures of a dog (I think he's a Great Dane) in a sports car and it looks for all the world as though the dog will drive off if the owner doesn't appear soon. The look of resigned exasperation is captured perfectly.

Some dogs seem not to mind being left, particularly if they're with other members of their pack. Aur, Aria and Kim of Totnes in Devon are obviously well used to it as Aria and Kim sprawl on the pavement in a tangle of legs and leads, whilst Aur keeps watch. Lollipop of Primrose Hill in London lies on the pavement on her tummy with her legs stretched out behind her, commando-style. It put me in mind of our older Ridgeback who will do that, but only when she's very happy and pleased with herself.

Dogs are the most loyal of animals. Their human is everything to them and if you know a dog-lover then this book would make a splendid gift. I've popped my copy into my handbag and it's lovely to browse when I've time to spare.

If you're going to leave your dog tied up - anywhere - please make certain that they are protected from the weather (particularly from hot sun) and if you are going to be more than a few moments water should be available.

My thanks to the publishers for sending this lovely little book to Bookbag.

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