Charlie and Lola: One Thing by Lauren Child

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Charlie and Lola: One Thing by Lauren Child

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Category: For Sharing
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Rachael Spencer
Reviewed by Rachael Spencer
Summary: Another cracking book about Charlie and Lola by the brilliant Lauren Child. This book in the series explores the world of numbers through the eyes of small and very funny Lola, while all Charlie wants to do is get to the shops. Definitely a book to buy, keep and enjoy.
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Pages: 32 Date: October 2015
Publisher: Orchard Books
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 9781408339008

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I am yet to meet a child that doesn't like Charlie and Lola, and Lauren Child doesn't disappoint at all in this latest book in the series, which combines numbers with the usual warm humour and fun of this brother and sister double act.

What makes me particularly love Charlie and Lola is the affection between them both, because I think it's just great to have a brother and sister who are years apart but actually get on most of the time. It makes Charlie's observations of Lola seem sweeter and somehow more humorous. This book is particularly great because it manages to infuse a book which is mainly about numbers (counting, adding, multiplying) with a great sense of humour and wit instead of it coming across as dry, which could happen easily with this subject.

The visual style of all of Child's books works excellently with the subject too, because the numbers are incorporated in the illustrations in so many varied and interesting ways, that just the act of reading the book feels almost adventurous and exciting. This style is obviously a part of what makes the books so popular overall, and I think ties in absolutely perfectly with the higgeldy piggeldy way in which childrens' minds work. She knows her audience incredibly well and every aspect of Charlie and Lola demonstrates that, from images to text they reflect young children so well.

There is of course plenty of humour for grown ups to enjoy too, as Lola totters along counting leaves on trees and asking how many socks ladybirds would need to wear. Anybody who has much to do with a child or children can relate entirely to the struggles of getting anything done with a small person in tow. Not that we ever really see Charlie and Lola's parents, because though their Mum is talked about, she isn't actually shown. I think this helps make the book feel special for children too; they are an adult free zone, where Lola is really only seen as being guided by her big brother, making their relationship seem more special, and making the book seem like the best place for kids. I mean, who wants parents meddling, right?

Overall, I think this is just simply a great picture book. Exactly the right amount of humour and fun mixed with lessons in maths that kids will inevitably pick up just by reading the book over and over. Grown ups had better get practicing their sums if they want to field questions about this one! Definitely one to buy and keep.

Another wonderful book in this series is I Can Do Anything That's Everything All on My Own (Charlie & Lola) by Lauren Child and I'd highly recommend it if you're looking for something else to read after this one! You might also enjoy The New Small Person by Lauren Child.

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