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Yancey Williams is a graduate of the University of Colorado. He lives in the low country of South Carolina and enjoys tournament waterskiing, playing his vintage guitars, and creating intricate, uninhibited, well-written fiction. In his own words, this means stories and characters spelled out with an unapologetic gusto and meaningful-to-purposeful chutzpah, machismo with a scrapheap to seismic snappiness. For Williams, it is creative zest defined.

Williams to the reader:

I like to think that my brand of fiction champions freedom of expression inside the text of some very hot-wired, spirited, and often unsavory to loveable characters and their exotic misadventures. Partially historical, sort of (if only fragmented) … always gloriously embellished, frothy and interpolative.

To date, Yancey Williams has published five novels. These include:

Worlds Apart

Shoot the Messenger

Rome & Joliet

The Resurrection of Jesus

& Now his latest novel …

Crosshairs of the Devil

Williams best describes his work as …

Fiction that tiptoes up to and around the improbable … past the impossible... frolicking along the way with a freshly stated realism and creative zest that leaves the reader wanting more. Simply put … pure, organic, flavorful storytelling which leaves a pleasing and pleasurable impression on the nervy, restless side of your palette. Pablum it’s not. Nor for the faint of heart. Powder-puff namby-pamby is not my style, and it’s certainly not me. More often than not, my stuff, my work, and what you’ll read is the darker side of Macbeth from the other side of the Moon.

Creative zest defined, redefined, and repositioned page after page, chapter to chapter. Moxie with zing because moxie matters.

Savor and enjoy.

For more information go to or visit Yancey Williams on Facebook.

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