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Little Gold Ted is the first in a series of children’s picture books for fledgling author Vanessa Wiercioch.

Vanessa started writing only recently and found it very cathartic after the loss of her dear friend. Previously, she has worked and lived in the Middle East as well as Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Today she can be found in the U.K. training a very boisterous kitten called Vera, whilst also being an immensely proud and full-time Mother to Harry, Poppy and Sasha. Little Gold Ted is a family endeavour, as in fact it is Poppy and Sasha who illustrated the book.

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Poppy and Sasha Satha are 16 year old twin illustrators who have endearingly brought Little Gold Ted to life. Poppy created the main Characters, Little Gold Ted and Reg, whilst Sasha set about creating the scenes.

However, with practice, both girls are now able to seamlessly cross over and create an entire illustration.

Poppy and Sasha have other hobbies too; they compose and sing their own music; they paint and draw traditional art and sports wise, their passion is hockey.

They both have ambitions to work within the creative industry but have yet to decide whether it will be in product design or art based.




As a family, we decided to self publish, despite being offered a contract, in order to maintain the character’s authenticity and to have the freedom to grow and diversify the brand. We have established a very good working relationship with a company called INTO PRINT.

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