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Stuart Roberts decided to write Keep Your Health and Fitness for Life after working as an operational fire fighter for 30 years. He was a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for 25 of those years. Keen to widen his knowledge of health and fitness he studied nutrition for 6 years and qualified as a naturopathic nutritionist in 2003, which opened his eyes to the amazing health we can attain throughout our lives. In 2004 he built on his experience as a PTI and qualified as a Coach and Instructor in a revolutionary exercise program. Learning from mentors in their sixties he was inspired by what was possible. It changed what he thought was achievable with respect to fitness as we get older. His favourite part of being a Fire Fighter was being asked for advice and tips on how to stay fit and see colleagues transform their fitness. This inspired him to share the knowledge and experience he had taken years to accrue with others. He wanted to give people the autonomy to take control of their health for the long-term, but in a way that doesn’t dominate their life. Now with his book finished, he is creating on-line courses and exercise videos to give people time efficient and highly effective ways to optimize their fitness for life.