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While most authors have a niche, author Craig G. Metts has written both fiction and non-fiction covering such divergent topics as women’s fiction, natural disasters, death and burial and Cuban cigars. Born into a traditional southern family, Craig took a detour through the underground art and music scene in his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. While dancing to the latest goth and punk of the early eighties, he dabbled in music, writing, painting and filmmaking.

As a writer, he has penned and published four non-fiction books including Grave Words, Epitaphs of South Carolina and The Great Sea Islands Hurricane & Tidal Wave. Under his nom de plume, Tabakmann, he has written Inside Cuban Cigars and The Havana Cigar Tour, a cigar-centric tour guide for cigar smokers. His latest book is entitled WALTZING in VIENNA. What began as a writing challenge issued by his wife turned into a novel that examines the lives of three southern women against a feminist backdrop hued by the writings of Kate Chopin and Virginia Woolf.

Craig earned degrees in US history and media arts, and after receiving a Master’s degree in film production from USC, he worked on many television spots, documentaries and feature films. As a screenwriter, Craig was a finalist in the prestigious Chesterfield Film Company's Screenwriters Fellowship. He has written and contributed to various news and media outlets. The latest was Following Hemingway’s Footsteps in Cuba published in Where magazine. Craig and his wife Colleen operate Catmoon Media, a small press and film production house and have two beautiful sons, Dashiell and Desmond. You can follow Craig on Twitter @cgmetts.

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