Capturing Emilia by Brooke Adams

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Capturing Emilia by Brooke Adams

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Category: Women's Fiction
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Sue Magee
Reviewed by Sue Magee
Summary: Two of the most unsuitable people (for each other) meet and fall into a relationship. Can they make it work?
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Pages: 79 Date: July 2020
Publisher: Matador

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He's Charles Devereaux, thirty-eight and a partner at Wickham Jones, the Mayfair letting agents. She's Emilia, twenty-nine, librarian and archivist in the heritage library next door. Emilia has read The Secret but she's moved on from new age books like that, which leave you dependent on someone else's philosophies, to something a little deeper. Charles is more of a Jack Reacher man himself, but, above all, he's shocked that Emilia reads The Guardian. They're obviously not at all compatible, so why can Charles not get this woman out of his mind? She's not his usual type at all: it's obvious to his friends. And given that Emilia regularly feels repulsed by Charles's superficiality, why does she feel drawn to him? The relationship's obviously a non-starter, isn't it?

Emilia knows that she lacks spontaneity. She says to Charles I see you have a nice collection of magazines, as though he's a branch of W H Smith, or lectures him on the merits of Virginia Woolf, but her depth excites Charles: he was used to his dates talking about fashion. Charles is besotted, but Emilia is reluctant to trust completely despite the fact that she knows that she's falling in love.

The problem is that neither can get the other completely out of their mind and - almost against her better judgement - Emilia finds herself in a relationship with Charles. She's been to his holiday home in Devon: they've walked along the beach together at sunset. And then Emilia's lack of confidence in herself and Charles's somewhat colourful past combine to create a division.

I didn't always like Emilia: she's capable of being devious and rather sneaky and then blaming her friend, Laura, for something which she did. She gives the impression of being innocent and lovely, but at the age of twenty-nine she still doesn't know her own mind and she really should. I liked Charles far more. He's pushing forty but he's aware that he's not got the best track record and is determined to be a better man.

There's a limited cast of characters but this is a novella and Brooke Adams does well to develop her story in less than eighty pages. There's plenty of sex if that's your bag and it is not obvious how everything is going to work out until we get close to the end. I'd like to thank the publisher for sending a copy to the Bookbag.

If this book appeals you might also enjoy Be Careful Who You Marry by Lizzy Mumfrey.

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