Bookish Boyfriends by Tiffany Schmidt

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Bookish Boyfriends by Tiffany Schmidt

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Category: Teens
Rating: 2/5
Reviewer: Sophie Diamond
Reviewed by Sophie Diamond
Summary: A shallow and unimaginative book which reads like a movie made for TV.
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Pages: 400 Date: May 2018
Publisher: Amulet Books
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-1419728600

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Merrilee Campbell is a book-lover romantic and real life has never measured up. Now she and her best friend are starting a new high school where boys and girls mix. Merrilee is sure this is where her dreams will come true and she'll find her first proper romance, or even meet the love of her life just like her parents. But just like in the books she loves, this doesn't go quite to plan. When her English teacher assigns them Romeo and Juliet to read, Merrilee's life starts taking quite a novel turn.

I thought from the description of this book that it could be fun. I like a light hearted book and thought the idea sounded cute but even as a very young teenager I know I wouldn't have liked this. Because even light-hearted books have to have some depth and this book is as shallow as I've ever read.

I can tell that the author is a really enthusiastic reader from the idea and all her allusions but unfortunately this has not translated into her writing. Merrilee is a silly caricature of a Disney Chanel hero, and she, like every character in this book is totally one dimensional. She's supposed to be this quirky, likeable character but actually she's an annoying little girl that just goes on and on and on. The romantic leads that fall into Merrilee's story are the same, weak pastiches of great fiction. I considered at one point that this story might need to be read with a touch of irony, but I can't even confidently say that because it's not especially amusing.

There are loads of characters in this book, all centred around Merrilee's life but never really given much character outside of their relationship to the protagonist. Her two best friends Eliza and Toby don't get along because they're always competing for her attention, this is never expanded upon. Her teacher seems a bit magical, but this is never expanded on. Her parents are all loved up and embarrassing, they can't really afford the private school where they're sending their daughters but this is also never really expanded upon. All the potential for something interesting is swallowed up by this vapid and nonsensical 'love' story. The book is also far too long and while the writer's actual writing isn't terrible it's mainly mundane and unnecessary speech between characters.

The most positive thing I can say about this book is that I could tell that the author really cares about morality, friendship and equality, however all this positivity and important social messaging is fighting to get out of an otherwise tedious book. For a look at great teen fiction, you should try Stop in the Name of Pants! by Louise Rennison and Planet Janet by Dyan Sheldon

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